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Название: Книга тайн
Том Харпер
Описание: Том Харпер. Книга тайн I        
Название: Затерянный храм
Том Харпер
Описание: Том Харпер. Затерянный храм Пролог      &nbs


ФИО: Том Харпер

Том Харпер (b. 1977) - псевдоним английского писателя Эдвина Томаса (Edwin Thomas), автора исторических романов.

He was born in 1977 in Frankfurt, West Germany, and grew up in Belgium and Connecticut, USA. He studied history at Lincoln College Oxford, where he met his future wife Emma and did significant work in the theatre. He now lives in York with his wife and young son, Owen.

After three years working at a local actuarial firm to pay the bills, he decided to start working part-time and focus on writing, He saw an advert for the Debut Dagger competition. He entered it with the first chapter of what became The Blighted Cliffs and finished runner-up. Eventually, he found an agent and a publisher.

He writes naval historical novels about Napoleon wars centered around the eponymous Lieutenant Martin Jerrold. His other series, written under the pseudonym Tom Harper, is centered around the First Crusade. His latest novel The Book of Secrets interweaves a present-day mystery with an historical account of the inventor of the printing press, Johannes Gutenberg and the artist known as the Master of the Playing Cards.