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Rawdon Brown and Allen B. Hinds. 38 vols. London: Longman and Co., 1864-1947.

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The Diary of Henry Machyn, Citizen and Merchant-Taylor of London, from A.D. 1550 to A.D. 1563/Ed. John Gough Nichols. London: Camden Society, 1848.

Documents Relating to the Revels at Court in the Time of King Edward VI and Queen Mary/Ed. Albert Feuillerat. Materialien zur Kunde des дlteren Englischen Dramas, Louvain and London, 1914.

The Elizabethan Home Discovered in Two Dialogues by Claudius Hollyband and Peter Erondcll/Ed. M. St. Clare Byrne. London: Frederick Etchclls and Hugh Macdonald, 1925.

An English Garner: Tudor Tracts, 1532-1588/Intro. by A. F. Pollard. Westminster: Archibald Constable, 1903.

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Hall, Edward. Chronicle; containing the History of England, during the Reign of Henry the fourth, and the Succeeding Monarchs… in Which are Particularly described the Manners and Customs of those Periods. London: J. Johnson, 1809.

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Knox, John. The First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women/Ed. Edward Arber. London: The English Scholars Library of Old and Modern Works, 1878.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reign of Henry VIII/ Ed. J. S. Brewer, R. H. Brodie and James Gairdner. 21 vols. London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1862-1910.

The Loseley Manuscripts/Ed. Alfred John Kempe. London: John Murray, 1836.

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Narratives of the Days цf the Reformation, chiefly from the manuscripts of John Foxe the Martyrologist/Ed. John Gough Nichols. Westminster: Camden Society, 1859.

The Northumberland Household Book, in: The Antiquarian Repertory: a Miscellany, intended to Preserve and Illustrate Several Valuable Remains of Old Times.

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