Книги Проза Уильям Берроуз Нагой обед [Naked Lunch]

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Нагой обед [Naked Lunch]
Автор: Уильям Берроуз
Язык оригинала: английский
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Уильям С.Бэрроуз. Нагой обед [Naked Lunch]

  I can  feel  the  heat  closing  in,  feel them  out there
making  their  moves,  setting  up  their  devil  doll stool
pigeons,  crooning  over  my  spoon  and  dropper   I  throw
away  at  Washington  Square  Station,  vault   a  turnstile
and  two  flights  down  the  iron  stairs,  catch  an uptown
A  train...  Young,  good  looking,  crew  cut,  Ivy League,
advertising  exec  type fruit  holds the  door back  for me.
I  am  evidently  his  idea  of  a  character. You  know the
type  comes  on  with  bartenders  and cab  drivers, talking
about  right  hooks  and  the  Dodgers, call  the counterman
in Nedick's by  his first  name. A  real asshole.  And right
on  time this  narcotics dick  in a  white trench  coat (im-
agine  tailing  somebody  in  a white  trench coat  -- trying
to pass as a fag I guess ) hit the platform. I can  hear the
way  he  would say  it holding  my outfit  in his  left hand,
right  hand  on  his  piece:  "I  think  you  dropped  some-
thing, fella"
  But the subway is moving.
  "So long flatfoot!" I yell, giving the  fruit his  B produc-
tion. I look into the fruit's eyes, take in the  white teeth,
the  Florida  tan,  the  two  hundred dollar  sharkskin suit,
the   button-down   Brooks   Brothers   shirt   and  carrying
The News as a prop. "Only thing I read is Little Abner."
  A  square  wants  to  come  on  hip.... Talks  about "pod,"
and  smoke  it  now  and  then,  and  keeps  some  around  to
offer the fast Hollywood types.
  "Thanks, kid," I say, "I can  see you're  one of  our own."
His  face  lights  up  like a  pinball machine,  with stupid,
pink effect.
  "Grassed  on  me  he  did,"  I   said  morosely.   (  Note:
Grass  is  English  thief  slang for  inform.) I  drew closer
and  laid  my dirty  junky fingers  on his  sharkskin sleeve.
"And  us  blood  brothers  in  the same  dirty needle,  I can
tell you  in confidence  he is  due for  a hot  shot." ( Note:
This is  a cap  of poison  junk sold  to addict  for liquida-
tion  purposes.  Often  given to  informers. Usually  the hot
shot is strychnine since it tastes and looks like junk. )
  "Ever  see  a  hot  shot  hit,  kid? I  saw the  Gimp catch
one  in   Philly.  We   rigged  his   room  with   a  one-way
whorehouse  mirror  and  charged  a   sawski  to   watch  it.
He  never  got  the  needle  out  of his  arm.

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